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Support for Trino, Presto, and Starburst

Trino (open source) and Starburst (the hosted, commercially supported flavor) are the fastest Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) engines available, evolved from the Facebook’s Presto project. These let you query extremely large datasets quickly and efficiently.

We’re excited to announce that you can now connect Zing to any of these Trino flavors and get the benefits of being able to wrangle large datasets without needing to write SQL. Documentation on how to set up Trino as a data source is here.

As part of building and testing this integation, we worked closely with the Starburst team to form an official partnership, where we’ve validated that data flows as expected and that long running queries perform well. Official press release is here.

Here’s how it works:

1. Login to the Zing web console then go to data sources and then new datasource. Select Trino from the drop down menu

2. If you have a cluster running in Starburst, click Clusters then Get Connection to view the connection details which you’ll paste into Zing.

3. Click Check Connection to connect Zing to your Trino source and verify the connection works.

4. By default, all tables will be imported, but if you’d like you can turn on or off tables. Then click Save

5. Download the Zing Data app for iOS and Android. Login using the same credentials as when you created your Zing Data account in step 2. Or just use the Zing web app by clicking the ‘web app’ tab at the top of your logged-in experience on web.

6. Query away! You’ll see a list containing the source you connected; just tap a table to see all the fields it contains. Tap fields to see the ‘raw’ data, or tap and hold a field to get a count, sum, group by, or apply a filter.

7. Share your dashboard with others by tapping ‘share’, change the way your data is visualized by tapping chart options, or save a question using three dots in the upper right.

Sign up for Zing for free here.

Sign up for Starburst (the hosted version of Trino) here

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