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Growth and Product Analytics

Product analytics anywhere

Growth teams need to stay on top of user and business metrics and adapt quickly. Zing's integration with Amplitude Analytics makes it so you can query user actions in just seconds on iOS, Android, or the web.
Did that new feature the team just shipped help improve retention? Is paid marketing converting worse because a competitor rolled out competitive SEM keywords?
Slice and dice product analytics data in real-time -- no waiting till you're back at a computer or until a data scientist has bandwidth to help run analysis.
And if your analytics events are in Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, mySQL, or Amazon Redshift, Zing works with those as well. Multiple data sources can live side-by-side in Zing so you can query any of your data, from anywhere.
Product and growth teams trust Zing to understand feature usage, conversion funnels, growth and retention, and marketing effectiveness.
Product analytics anywhere

Bring along the team

Growth and product development is a team sport, and Zing's shared questions let you save questions and make them visible to your whole company, team, or only specific people.
You'll see a feed of questions you and your colleagues have asked, along with comment counts and if any alerts recently were triggered for that question. Build on colleagues' questions by making a copy, changing visualizations, applying filters, or setting up push / email alerts that can let you know minute-by-minute when key data changes.
Fine-grained permissions (admin, editor, and viewer roles) to keep your IT folks happy.
Bring along the team

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