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Real-time alerts

Easy to use

Set up alerts in seconds

Simply tap on a data point on a time series graph to add a new alert and specify your triggers.

Percentage changes -
e.g. Let me know when visitors to my website change more than 50% vs the previous day.
Point changes -
e.g. Let me know when sales drops by more than $500 versus the previous day.
Specific thresholds -
e.g. Let me know when inventory falls below 50 units for a fast-selling product.
Set up alerts in seconds

Quick updates

Know within seconds

Since Zing works on live data, alerts can be set to check up to every minute for new data which hits the triggers you specify. That means you're never more than 60 seconds away from the latest update to your database.

Smart deduplication
means you'll never get the same alert twice in a row and you'll only be alerted when new data hits the condition for the first time after not meeting the condition.
Many update frequencies -
Choose a range of update frequencies to meet your needs - 1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, or 1 month.
Know within seconds


Make them your own

Each person in your organization can set up the alerts that matter to them - no code or requests to an analytics team needed.

Alerts are specific to each user, so you'll only get alerted on what you care about, at the frequency you want, on the channel (push / email) you want.
A full history of each time the alert has triggered helps you understand context.
Once you get an alert, simply tap it to see the specific value that hit the trigger you set up, zoom into the details, or add a new data split to get more detail.
Make them your own

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