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Data Security

Zing Data adopts industry forward practices to deliver on a mature secure-by-design architectural framework.

Data Encryption

We use industry leading practices to encrypt data both in rest and in motion. TLS 1.2+ is the defacto standard for in transit communication. AES-256 is used to encrypt data at rest.


Our platform offers access via SSO (GSuite) using OAuth and strong 2FA authentication. All access to our internal systems are gated behind VPN and SSH along with the use of multifactor authentication.


Our platform provides the ability to create flexible roles and permissions that allow your users fine grained access to engage with your data. Row Level Security (RLS) also allows deeper permissioning capability to ensure that only users who are authorized can view the data for that table row.

Audit Logs

We maintain audit logs of all activity in and out of our system and can be furnished on request.

Account Closure

We let our users have complete control of their account and information. With the appropriate role, they are able to close their account without having to interact with us.

Data Governance

We employ strict internal data polices on user and system access. We have strict controls on how data is gathered, stored, processed and disposed of.

Platform Security

With a founding team with deep expertise in application security, infrastructure security and devSecOps, Zing Data takes platform security to heart. Our development process includes

  • secure design review
  • code analysis = static and runtime
  • vulnerability and patch management
  • application firewall

Privacy and Compliance

We follow best practices for data protection and comply with all applicable laws, including GDPR and CCPA. Refer to our Privacy policy for additional details.

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