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Collaborative And Fast Business Intelligence

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Ask a question, no data modeling needed

MagicModel generates fully editable joins and calculations on the fly. Everything is visually editable so you’re in control and can trust results.
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Get answers about your data near you with Zing

Get actionable results with Zing’s innovative type-ahead and location-based data querying features. Zing tailors the search results to your specific geographic area, ensuring relevance and accuracy.
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Real-time alerts

Push or email alerts within one minute of important changes. Stop checking dashboards and let data come to you.
 Create new alerts in seconds by tapping on a graph to define a threshold or change trigger.
 Deep dive into the causes of a change with one tap, from the web, or Zing’s iOS and Android apps so you’re always in the know.

Ask questions with natural language, powered by GenAI

Zing’s SwiftQuery AI is lets you use natural language to create fully interactive charts and tables. You can ask questions simply by dictating or typing.

  1. No data modeling required
  2. Works on both mobile and the web
  3. Search or start from scratch
  4. Full visibility and direct editing

Advanced filters for 
the biggest tasks

Filter your data based on specific fields, with type ahead conditions and nested condition groups. Making it easier than ever to build meaningful charts. With field value preview, multiple conditions in one filter and more you are in control of your data.

Collaboration That Brings Your Team Together

Shared questions let you learn from teammates, and search for questions across your organization.

@mentions, push notifications, and shared chat bring the right people into the conversation and to make data actionable.

Easily build on shared questions, export tables and charts, and fine-tune how charts are displayed to not just view somebody elses’s analysis, but make it your own.

Optionally, turn on external sharing or use Zing’s embedded capabiltity to provide access to users or partners outside your domain, or for public datasets.


Data From Anywhere, Available Everywhere

Connectors for the most widely used data sources: Postgres, Snowflake, mySQL, BigQuery, Google Sheets, Trino / Starburst, Amazon RDS, SQL Server, Databricks, ClickHouse, Presto, comma seperated value files, and Excel.

Choose which tables are visible to keep things streamlined.

Multiple data sources seamlessly co-exist with questions and datasources available in a unified, searchable view.

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Visualizations Just Got Smarter

Smart visualizations based on your data types.

Want results fast? Automatic query optimization delivers fast results even on large tables.

Long running query? We’ll send you a notification when results are ready.

Need the data? Get the underlying data tables in two taps. Even run SQL with smart typeaheads to make quick work of joins, aggregations, and calculated fields.

Need to export? Save down graphs and data tables in seconds.


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