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Business Leaders

Zing is the mobile-first analytics app designed to empower executives and business leaders with unmatched access to critical company data, wherever + whenever they need it. Today's leaders are on the move, juggling multiple responsibilities from managing teams to meeting with customers and stakeholders. Zing has been designed to cater to these demands by providing a seamless, easy-to-use mobile experience that allows leadership to harness the power of their organization's data on-the-go.

Product features and benefits

Access and analyze real-time data analysis with Zing's mobile-first solution:
With Zing, your leadership team can quickly and easily visualize your data, create reports, and make real-time decisions, no matter where they are. By giving decision-makers the power to access and leverage data, Zing accelerates the pace at which your company can act, putting it at the forefront of competitiveness.
Use Zing’s alerts to stay connected to key business data and performance metrics:
With Zing, your leadership team can set customized alerts based on specific criteria and data points, so that they can stay connected in real-time to your organization's performance and can take action the moment it is needed.
Expedite insights with Zing's voice-to-insight capability, powered by OpenAI:
With Zing, leadership can effortlessly extract insights from your data using plain English. You can voice your questions and watch as Zing interprets your queries with lightning speed, delivering results in seconds.
Product features and benefits

Collaborate using Zing’s in-platform communications feature:
Your leadership team can connect, collaborate, and discuss their observations, insights, challenges, and opportunities uncovered through Zing's analytics tool. Whether it's low inventory levels, SLAs outside of parameters, or high costs, simply tag the responsible team member and initiate a conversation to address the issue at hand.
Improve your Data & Analytics team’s leverage using Zing:
Zing enables employees to access data easily, without needing to request support from the data and analytics team. Your leadership team can develop insights on their own, freeing up your data and analytics team.
Zing compliments your data and analytics tech stack:
Zing’s cost effective, easy to use, mobile solution, provides great value to leadership team members who currently don’t have access to a data and analytics solution, or have access on a limited/restricted basis.

Use case 1

Continuous monitoring of key business performance metrics

By utilizing Zing's easy-to-use and intuitive alert feature, executives can establish thresholds to receive notifications when their business data meets or exceeds specific benchmarks. For example, as the Head of e-commerce operations, it is vital to establish performance SLAs across critical areas such as product availability, order processing time, delivery time, and response time. With Zing's alert functionality, the Head of e-commerce operations can remain connected to their business performance while on-the-go and respond promptly to any deviation from these critical metrics.

Continuous monitoring of key business performance metrics

Use case 2

Access business data on-the-go

With Zing’s real-time integration and mobile-first design, executives and leaders can access your data anytime and anywhere to generate business intelligence reports and insights. For instance, a Head of Procurement who is meeting with a key supplier needs to be informed about the SKUs purchased to date, and their associated volumes, cost, and inventory levels. Using Zing's real-time data and the ability to quickly create charts and dashboards on-the-go, the Head of Procurement can effortlessly gather these vital metrics while en route to the vendor.

Access business data on-the-go

Use case 3

Respond to questions and validate your data wherever + whenever

In today's dynamic business environment, executives and leaders are expected to have their company's performance metrics at the forefront of their minds. With Zing, you can feel confident that the latest and most precise facts and figures are at your fingertips. From "What are our sales numbers in Market X this month?" to "Who is our top sales representative in Region Y?" Zing provides timely insights and answers, eliminating the need to delay decisions or take action until you’ve been able to get the insights you need from the data and analytics team.

Respond to questions and validate your data wherever + whenever

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