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Spatial querying with natural language

New Feature: Spatial querying with natural language

Zing now supports spatial querying simply using natural language. This lets you ask questions like:

  • “What items are running out of stock for warehouses near Chelsea, NYC”
  • “Show me commercial real estate leases available within half mile of the empire state building that are class A office space and more than 10,000 square feet”
  • “Show me commercial real estate leases available within half mile of the empire state building”

Step 1: Connect your data source to Zing, ensuring that a field contains ’latitude’ and another field contains ’longitude’ and they are numerical type (not a string).

This is what Zing will use to calculate where locations are for a given row in your dataset.



Step 2: Ask a natural language query in the search box at the top of the Zing Data app.

If you’d like results displayed on a map, specify that in your question. And if you’d like results only near a specific location, address, or point of interest, specify that in your question.

For instance, “show me customers on a map” or “show me a map of warehouses near 200 vesey street, nyc are in need of a restock”

  • If you want results shown on a map, simply add “on a map” or “as a map” into your query
  • If you want results near a specific address, simply add “near <location>”, such as an address or point of interest
  • By default, if you specify “near” a location, Zing will create a two mile radius. Optionally, you can specify a radius in KM or Miles if you’d like. You can also modify this once the query has run by tapping ‘filters’

Optionally, you can also specify filters on any field alongside your location query.

Step 3: Zing will show you your query result. Modify it as needed (such as applying additional filters, choosing how to size or color points on the map, or additional fields to include)


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