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Data & Business Intelligence

Empower your company with DIY analytics

Up to 40% of a data team's time is spent answering 'quick questions' for sales, marketing, operations, and product teams. This is the simple stuff -- graphing a straightforward time series or creating a data export -- that collectively take a lot of time. Data teams describe this as the simple SUMs, COUNTs, GROUP BYs, and WHERE clauses.
Right now when people across an organization have data questions, they typically ping a stretched-thin data team, and wait (sometimes days) for results. And if there is an edit needed, this whole process repeats.
The result?
The data team isn't working on the most interesting and impactful work, and the timelines for getting analysis back from the team mean that people throughout the organization don't make as many data-driven decisions. They guess, go into meetings unprepared, or act on a hunch even through the data is there to make a better decision.
Zing empowers anybody to get answers on their own
by starting from a shared question and modifying it, or tapping a table to ask a question from scratch.
Data teams benefit with more time to work on the hard, interesting questions by shifting the easy self-serve questions to their teams with Zing.
Empower your company with DIY analytics

Data, Distributed

Data science and data analysis have been something that could only be done with a desktop or laptop. Zing changes that by letting data science teams run full SQL queries, create dashboards, craft interactive visualizations, and discuss and refine data stories from iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux. Full SQL functionality lets you create custom fields, run joins, and do any ANSI-SQL compliant query.
Save and share questions so your whole team can re-use your work, or save down results to a CSV or graph for sharing more broadly with the organization.
Plus you can even share dashboards with users outside your organization (if the admin allows) to keep external partners in the loop easily. Public links can be generated for graphs to share them with anyone.
Data, Distributed

Works with your tools

With support for Postgres, mySQL, Amazon RDS, Google BigQuery, Google Sheets, CSV files, DBT, CubeJS, Snowflake, and Trino / Starburst you can hook into all the data sources you need.
Tables and questions from all data sources are seamlessly integrated on your home screen. Or dig into a specific data source using the 'sources' tab.
Even control which tables are queryable to keep your data environment secure, easy to use, and easy and understand. Choose the right tables to expose to the broader team.
Works with your tools

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