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Embedded Analytics

Flexible embeds up and running fast

Have analytics embedded in your app in less than an hour with Zing embedded analytics.

Enable powerful capabilities such as
natural language querying powered by OpenAI, tap to 'deep dive', interactive graphs (line, bar, pie, data table, etc) with full interactivity such as zoom / hover states / etc.
Accelerate time to value
for customers by hi-lighting the value of your product with interactive analytics.
Unlock new revenue streams
for value-added analytics.
Zing's Javascript library and native SDK for React
makes embedding robust analytics in your app fast and easy.
Flexible embeds up and running fast


Securely customize analytics to each user based on their account, role, and other attributes.

Inherit user access controls from your app
to customize end-user experiences based on chart controls.
Robust security
with session token authentication and row-level access.

Built for scale

Each person in your organization can set up the alerts that matter to them - no code or requests to an analytics team needed.

Save on in-house costs
of maintaining complicated data-serving infrastructure and complexities of over- or under-provisioning.
Zing scales to heavy analytics loads in dozens of countries concurrently
and is built to load-balance and auto-scale based on your traffic.
Full analytics on how your embeds are used
with the same powerful querying tools you're used to in Zing.
Choose update frequently for your use case
from full-live, every minute, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, or every hour. Smart query checks limit database query load to only when new data is added.
Built for scale

Embedded analytics is available only on the Enterprise tier. Talk to our team to learn more.

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