How long does it take to get set up?

You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Does Zing store my data?

Zing doesn’t host your data - we are not a data lake or data warehouse. Instead, Zing’s servers optimize your question and run that query on your underlying database source. For Google Sheets, we store a lightweight replica to make querying faster.

To optimize performance we may temporarily cache answers to questions you’ve asked (to make them load quickly in the app) or store metadata (like a field being a date or a string) to improve usability, but Zing maintain a replica of your underlying databases.

Does Zing support two factor authentication?

Yes, you can enable two factor authentication if you are using Google Single Sign On with 2fa turned on and then switch on ‘require Google SSO’ in the Zing dashboard.

First go to the make sure that your Google account 2 factor authentication turned on and is required for all users. Then go to the Zing web console, and select ‘require Google SSO for all users.’

Does Zing support asking or viewing questions on desktop?

Yes! In addition to iOS and Android apps, Zing is also available on the web.

Dashboards created on mobile work great on web, and vice versa. Unlike Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI, there is no need to ‘design’ for different screen widths or platforms – Zing handles all of this automatically for you.

Once you’ve logged into and set up a data source, just click ‘Zing App’ to launch the Zing web experience.

Is my data encrypted?

Of course! Login details and database information are encrypted at rest using bank-level security and all data is transmitted over https secure connections.

You read more here.

How does Zing make money?

Zing is free for everybody at your organization to ask unlimited questions for now.

Over time, our free tier will allow up to ten people in your organization to ask as many questions as you’d like. Once you scale beyond ten people, we’ll eventually charge $5 per month per user for additional functionality.

Does Zing support Joins? Window functions? User Defined Functions? Percentiles? Sampling?

Yes, via the custom SQL editor.

This visual question builder doesn’t support this more advanced functionality, to keep basic functions though the visual query builder super simple and fast to answer most questions users have.

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