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DevOps & Data Engineering

DevOps from Anywhere

Nobody likes getting paged for a production issue when out on a jog, having dinner, or at a kid’s soccer game.
But being keeping a production service running means somebody needs to be on pager duty and available to keep the service running – and sometimes that is you.
Before Zing, you’d have to rush back home or lug your laptop around in case you got paged, to triage an issue or write a SQL query to figure out what broke. From there, you might fix the issue yourself, or ping a colleague to fix an issue they're more familiar with.
DevOps from Anywhere

How Zing Helps

With Zing’s native mobile apps on iOS and Android (plus support for web when you’re at computer), you can interactively query any production database to respond to issues, PagerDuty alerts, or customer questions quickly even when you’re on the go. Engineering teams can use Zing with the same data sources powering Grafana or other monitoring tools, but with the ability to query any data source — not just the standard logging events captured in ‘event-count’ type data stores, but also to production databases. Zing supports Postgres, mySQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, Trino, Presto, and MS-SQL.

Use the full power of SQL, complete with a full-featured SQL typeahead
Export logs or data to send to colleagues via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or put into Jira or Asana tickets for follow-up
Save queries and share them with teammates
How Zing Helps

Works With Major Databases

Hook into existing databases to monitor various metrics such as CPU, I/O, and memory usage. Or go deeper to, say, query the number of timed out requests for users on a certain version of your app to see if a recent deploy broke something. Or query how user activity dropped off and see if that correlate's to your cloud provider's downtime.
Zing Data can be used to identify any issues before they become bigger problems -- no rushing back to the desk needed.
Works With Major Databases

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