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Streamline Manufacturing with Realtime Analytics

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Manufacturers can make data even more useful

Manufacturing runs on data, firms use it to:

  • optimize production processes
  • control quality and identify defects in products
  • conduct predictive maintenance to minimize disruptions
  • monitor supply chain activity
  • and much more..

Data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly crucial in today’s competitive business landscape, as it brings more accurate forecasting, improved resource allocation, and better overall business outcomes.

Companies recognize this importance, but the extent to which they’re willing to act upon it is varied - since significant investments in technology, data infrastructure, and skilled personnel are required.

Enormous Potential, Limited Reach

The benefits of data-driven decision-making can only be reaped by those with access to data and tools to understand it. Unfortunately, this group is limited to only the data and business analysts, who generally work in different siloes from its internal customers.

In an operationally-intensive industry like manufacturing, the real value is in unlocking this capability for those working at the plants- production operators, technicians, inspectors, etc. This is simply not feasible as most analytics tools today require users to be desk-bound to do any real analysis work, with pricing models that prohibit self-service analytics for the whole company.

How can manufacturing firms take this next step, and enable operators to make better, data-driven decisions at scale?

Zing enables data for all, anywhere

Zing was founded to solve this very problem. It is primarily a mobile business intelligence tool that equips users who are on-the-go with access to real-time data, and ways to make use of that data.

With Zing, manufacturing operators can stay up to date with data fresh off the facility, and create easy to understand visualizations, ask questions, and build dashboards on their mobile devices.

There is no need to dedicate additional resources for training to onboard users, we have intuitive ways to ask questions about the data:

  1. Drag and drop fields into charts with our SwiftQuery editor: SwiftQuery Drag and Drop

  2. Click to select aggregations on fields with our List Editor: List Editor Click to Query

  3. Ask away in the search bar equipped with Natural Language Querying: Natural language querying search bar

Now, there’ll no longer be long wait times due to back and forth communication with data teams, nor guess-timating figures while operators are in the crunch for numbers.

Alerts can be set up for key metrics, such as production volume, uptime, utilization rates, and defect rates. Operators will then be proactively notified when the rate of change for a metric is too drastic, or when it crosses a certain threshold. Here’s how easily you can set it up:

Setting up alerts

Zing checks on the data periodically and informs subscribed users proactively through push and/or email notifications when the condition is met, enabling swift remedial action.

Zing is built for teams of all sizes, we provide an easy gateway to handle Identity and Access Management with an Attribute Based Access Control framework: Row Level Security. This means that each user can be assigned attributes based on the nature of their work, or other factors like location and seniority, which are then used to determine access to data, visualizations, and dashboards on the platform.

For example, operators can be assigned attributes based on the plants they are working on, and can only access dashboards and questions for these plants:

Row Level Security for an Operator

Whereas for managers or supervisors who need an overview of each plant, they can be attributed to access dashboards and questions for all plants: Row Level Security for a Supervisor

On top of access management, Zing encourages collaboration with built-in comments and mentions of fellow operators and managers, letting communication happen right where the data lives:

Comment with mention

Users can also share dashboards and visualizations created by inviting fellow teammates to work on it, or by generating and sharing a link for external parties, such as clients and audit teams, to gain access:


How Manufacturing Firms are currently using Zing

Steel manufacturing

A steel manufacturer in Germany specializing in the production of chains, ropes, and wire parts, is using Zing’s natural language querying function to ask questions and gather insights about their output data quickly. They are also utilizing our built-in SQL editor to create joins across multiple tables, and analyze data across different manufacturing facilities to improve their operations.

Steel manufacturing

Another company in India is using Zing to help steel manufacturers visualize their production and sales numbers, using our click to query editor. In doing so, they help to forecast demand and plan for upcoming production cycles in order to produce at the most optimal level.

Modernize and accelerate your manufacturing operations today

In an ever more digitalized world where data is collected from everywhere, organizations need to think about ways to maximize value from their data. We have shown you how manufacturing teams can be empowered to make data-driven decisions in their day to day work, and the immense benefits of instilling this culture.

Take the next step with Zing, and use data as your competitive advantage.

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