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SwiftQuery: Zing's new drag and drop question builder

Zing’s new SwiftQuery interface lets you visually create charts, tables, and dashboards by simply dragging and dropping fields onto a graph. SwiftQuery works on iOS, Android, and the web and shows a live preview as you build questions.

Use aggregations, filters, dimensional splits, time aggregations, formatting, and varied chart / data table types to get exactly what you want.

Once you’ve created as question, save it to share with colleagues, add to a dashboard, embed in your own products, or create real-time alerts on top of.

Accessing the SwiftQuery Editor

  1. From the home screen (or sources screen) on the Zing mobile app or web app, tap on a table. 
  2. Tap the ‘drag and drop editor’ icon in the top right
  3. Tap and hold on field, then drag it to one of the drop targets:
    • X-axis
    • Y-axis
    • Y2 axis (for graphs with series you want shown on different y-axis scales)
    • Dimension (for splits by some attribute)
    • Filter (to limit results to certain values, or apply INCLUDES, EXCLUDES, or other conditions)
  4. Optionally, you can apply formatting to a chart including:
    • Axis labels
    • Tick marks
    • Series colors
    • Number style and decimal points
    • Date style (e.g. 1 June 2023 vs. June 1, 2023 vs 2023/06/01, amongst many others)
    • Legend presence / absence
    • Sort order (low -> high, high->low based on x-axis or y-axis)
  5. Run the question
  6. Optionally:
    • Save the question to add to a dashboard
    • Share with colleagues within your organization (or if allowed in admin settings, people outside your organization)
    • Export a PNG of the your graph
    • Export a CSV of the data for the graph
    • Add an alert to be notified when some threshold is hit
    • Generate an shareable link (if allowed in admin settings)
    • Embed this into your own website

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