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Zing Data vs. Amazon QuickSight

Zing Data vs. Amazon QuickSight

We compared Zing and QuickSight’s ease of use by uploading a three tab Excel file and querying it.

Zing completed this in under 10 clicks, taking 2 minutes and 3 seconds while completing the same analysis in QuickSight took 35+ clicks and 2 minutes, 23 seconds.

Zing’s free version supports Natural Language Querying (NLQ), allowing users to perform queries using natural language, making data analytics more accessible to non-technical users. QuickSight, though feature-rich, is more complex and over twice as expensive (pricing). NLQ in QuickSight is only available in the pro version.


The Process

Uploading the Superstore Data

In both Zing Data and QuickSight, we attempted to query the Excel Superstore Data file shown above, containing three tabs: Orders, Returns, and People.

  • Zing Data: Offering a more streamlined approach, we were given the option to drag and drop the Excel file into Zing, instantly uploading all three tabs of the dataset.
  • QuickSight: Users must upload each tab separately, then join them into a single dataset.
Joining the Dataset
  • Zing Data: The entire Superstore dataset was instantly uploaded.
    • Even if we were unable to upload the whole file together, Zing supports seamless integration of multiple datasets within the same data frame, automatically handing the joining process when necessary.
    • MagicModel handles joins on the fly so that a join does not need to be pre-specified.
  • QuickSight: To join the ‘Returns’ and ‘People’ tabs to the ‘Orders’ data in QuickSight, we first joined ‘Returns’ at a common variable (Order ID) and then ‘People’ at a common variable (Customer Name/Person), using a left join for both.

Querying the Data
  • Zing Data: Upon uploading the Excel file, we were instantly able use Natural Language Processing for queries “What are the highest sales per region?” Zing processes the question and provides a graphical visualization and AI analysis.

  • QuickSight: After creating a worksheet with all of the Superstore Data, QuickSight requires users to click on specific variable names from the dataset such as “Sales and Region” to create the visualization

In Summary

Zing Data excels in speed and ease of use, making it ideal for users who value efficiency and simplicity.

Zing was able to upload and compute summary statistics in 2 minutes 3 seconds with minimal clicks, enabling direct querying using NLQ. QuickSight, while efficient at 2 minutes 23 seconds, required a more manual process of joining tabs and constrained users to specific variables.


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