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Zing now supports Snowflake as Data Source

Connect Snowflake as a data source

Zing now supports Snowflake as a data source using a native connector! That means that in minutes you can be querying and visualizing yout Snowflake data from anywhere.

Snowflake is one of the fastest-growing cloud data warehouse platforms, and it removes database administration and hosting complexity. Snowflake is also great at accepting data from many sources

  • Click the ‘New Data Source’ button

  • Select ‘Snowflake’ as the data source

  • Click check connection to make sure that Zing can successfully connect to your Snowflake isntance. You’re good to go! You can immediately start querying and visualizing your Snowflake data from the Zing Data mobile app on iOS and Android.

  • You can now invite your team-mates to access your newly-setup data source by going the Zing Web Console and clicking ‘invite users’ to send invite emails. Once they accept you’ll be able to @mention them, view and clone shared questions, participate in conversation threads, and use your company’s data to make better decisions collaboratively.

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Download the Zing Data app for iOS and Android.

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