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New: Create dashboards from your phone

Dashboards. For the last 20 years they’ve been something you created from a computer, were typically consumed at a computer, and usually took a while to make.

That’s why were elated to announce that Zing Data’s iOS and Android apps now let you create a dashboard from anywhere just by dragging questions onto the dashboard canvas.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

This new functionality is available on iOS and Android.

Zing is the first platform empowering mobile creation

While other business intelligence tools limit dashboard and question creation to a desktop (PowerBI, Tableau, Sigma Computing, Preset, ThoughSpot to name a few), Zing empowers anybody in an organization to not only view data – but create new questions and new dashboards on mobile.

Of course, you can do all this on Zing Web as well if you’re at your desk.

Zing was designed from scratch to work well on mobile and desktop, so dashboards automatically resize to the form factor you’re viewing them on. No need to design different mobile- or desktop-focused ‘views’ of a dashboard, only to have them end up out of sync and out of date.

With Zing’s adaptive layout technology, dashboards intelligently re-flow while keeping the overall order and general formatting you want.

Real-time and interactive

All charts are up-to-date (no day-old extracts here!), pulling the latest values from your data sources, and are fully interactive.

From a dashboard you can tap on any question within a dashboard to see the conversation associated with it, to save down an image or CSV, or to build on the question by adding new filters or calculations.

Create, edit, and view anywhere

Dashboards created on web can easily be edited on mobile and vice-versa.

To edit a dashboard (if you’re an admin or editor on it), just tap the little pencil icon and you can add, delete, or resize any question card. Once you save, changes will immediately be reflected for anybody with access to the dashboard.

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