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Zing and Microsoft Excel Mobile for Powerful Analysis Anywhere

SQL Query to Microsoft Excel file in <60 seconds on your phone

It used to be that you’d only send email on your computer. Or only message team mates on your computer. Or only edit photos on your computer. Now, we take for granted that all that can be done (oftentimes faster) on mobile.

Zing now makes it possible to query data on your phone faster than you could on desktop, plus it makes it easy to share query results and data tables with other tools using CSV exports, from anywhere in less than a minute.

Take a look:

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool to analyze small datasets, build models, and graph data. But usually bigger underlying databases don’t fit in an Excel file. So you first need to query your database, summarize and aggregate results, and then drop them into Excel for further analysis or modelling.

With Zing Data and Microsoft Excel Mobile you can do this on your iOS or Android device in seconds. You’ll specify the query in Zing - either with the easy-to-use visual question builder or using custom SQL - and then save the result to a CSV file which you can analyze further in Excel, Google Sheets, or any other program that opens comma-seperated-value files.

Steps to save Zing Data results to Excel on mobile

  • Open the Zing Data mobile app (with your data source already configured)
  • Select a table and then the fields or aggregations you’d like
  • Tap the forward arrow to run the query
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the result page and select ‘Save to CSV’
  • Open Microsoft Excel mobile and on the ‘Open’ screen select ‘Files App’
  • Navigate to the ‘Zing Data’ folder and then the ‘zingData’ subfolder and select the CSV you just saved down (it will be the file with the most recent date and time in the filename)

If you’re using the Zing App in your browser, you can export a CSV file from the results screen and the file will download to your Downloads folder. Open the downloaded file in Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or any other app supporting CSV files.

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