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Announcing Custom SQL support

Announcing support for custom SQL

Zing already has an easy and fast visual question builder that makes data analysis simple. But sometimes you need a more complex query – like joining tables, creating calculated fields, and more. That’s why we’re excited to announce that support for custom SQL is now available in the Zing iOS, Android, and web apps.

  • Autocomplete for SQL aggregations makes even complex queries fast
  • Autocomplete for field names
  • Support for all Zing data sources: mySQL, Postgres, Snowflake, BigQuery, Amazon RDS, and Trino / Presto
  • CSV export makes it fast to get files to send in Slack, Teams, email and more!
  • Saved queries for quick access, and easy shared questions for colleagues to duplicate and build on
  • Collaboration tools like @mentions and inviting colleagues so they can view the results

To get started with custom SQL in Zing:

1. Download Zing Data (https://getzingdata.com) or access the Zing Web App by signing in.

2. Create an account and add a data source ( https://www.getzingdata.com/quickstart/ )

3. Tap the table you want to query. If you are doing a join which spans multiple tables then simply tap one of the tables that will be part of your query,

4. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner and then ‘Custom SQL’

5. Type your SQL. Zing automatically fills in a select statement.

  • Note, only select operations are supported. Updates, Inserts, and Drops are not. *

Download the Zing Data app for iOS and Android.

Sign up for Zing for free here.

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