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Zing Data + Google BigQuery

Accelerate data-driven innovation with BigQuery

Turn your data into insights seamlessly using Zing

Connect Zing to your BigQuery warehouse and enable analytics for all

Make analytics easier, unify your data
from multiple sources on BigQuery, by uploading data files, replicating relational databases, and deploying data pipelines
Unlock self-serve BI for your BigQuery warehouse
as Zing connects and stays updated with the latest data seamlessly
Accelerate time to value
by cutting the hassle of working with siloed data, and empowering people on the go to answer questions in a few taps
Have important alerts come to you
with Zing's dynamic alerts, which send a push notification or email when a threshold you set is reached.
that brings your whole team together with @mentions, shared questions, and conversation threads.
Turn your data into insights seamlessly using Zing

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Here's documentation on how to get started with Google BigQuery and Zing.

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