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Zing vs. Qlik

Forget having to choose between QlikSense, QlikView and QlikCloud for visualizations ... Zing makes this powerfully simple.

Zing Data delivers true self-serve analytics, no complicated formulas, spreadsheets, or annual contracts needed.

Zing vs. Qlik

  • Modern data teams trust Zing to bring data to everybody, anywhere
  • Support for on-prem, cloud, and one-off datasets: Snowflake, Trino, Starburst, Databricks, MS SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Postgres, mySQL, Clickhouse, Redshift, CSV, Google Sheets, Excel, etc.
  • Natural language querying, powered by the latest LLMs - OpenAI, PaLM, Cohere for faster answers


Native iOS and Android apps that let you ask questions from anywhere
Collaboration with @mentions, push notifications, and AI searchable shared questions
Natural language querying powered by OpenAI's 120 billion parameter language model makes asking questions easy
Real-time alerting on important changes (1 min) via push or email
Export up to 5 GB of data in CSV format


Web, Mobile has limited capability to create visualizations
No support for Starburst, Trino, Clickhouse
No support for natural language questions
No realtime alerts
Max export size limited to 100 MB

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