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Zing vs. Databricks AI/BI Genie

Don't brick your analytics capabilities

Work with a broader range of data sources, enjoy direct chart editability, and get mobile + web functionality

Zing vs. Databricks AI / BI Genie

  • Smart typeahead helps you craft better questions
  • Production-scale BI platform
  • Real-time alerting
  • Automatic table selection

Zing Data

Rich support across Databricks, Snowflake, BigQuery, and local files
Smart Typeahead with values, fields, and tables for guided completion
Query based on your current location (radius can be specified), a street address or a point of interest
Intuitive visual editor - drag and drop field names onto the axes and filter to customize charts
Ask questions right away! No time wasted
Joins and calculations are fully visually editable
No setup necessary. Start using immediately.
Free to start

Databricks AI/BI Genie

Databricks only, requiring Unity Catalog and Catalog setup
No typeahead functionality so you had to guess which fields / values / tables are available
No location-aware query
No visual editor
Inflexible - requires that you pre-specify which tables you are querying
Requires a Premier Tier and Serverless SQL Warehouse (not available on free trial or community tier)

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