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Our seed round raise

We are thrilled to announce that we have raised a $2.4m seed round, led by Kindred Ventures along with Correlation VC, and with support of angels Kevin Moore, Ravi Grover, and Rajeev Madhavan. It is exciting to find people who share our vision and are helping to fuel our accelerated product development!

We’re grateful to our friends, family, investors, customers, and the broader data community, who have helped us refine Zing, find great partners to work with, and get to this point.

Solving data accessibility

Zing Data’s mission is to make data easy, collaborative, and available anywhere. We believe that fulfilling this mission will help people, companies, non-profits, and governments make better decisions, and be more efficient. Imagine trying to allocate resources after a natural disaster and having instant visiblity into what supplies are en-route in the field.

We’re building a platform to empower data users on the go, and with great collaborative tools to bring everybody into the conversation and make better decisions together.

We’ve reimagined what a mobile first interface for querying data would be. We wanted this to be intuitive for both technical and non-technical users alike and in the background we’ll handle the fancy stuff like query optimization, the best way to display data, with a northstar of having Zing provide what a great data scientist would, but instantly and for everybody at a company.

Over the past year, we have seen rapid organic growth from users currently underserved by data tools. We have had logistics companies sign up, events management companies sign up, real estate companies sign up – and then we realized the scope of the opportunity not just to make data easier to use for people who are on the go, but for this much bigger set of people unserved by expensive, single-player, desktop-based business intelligence.

Looking ahead to our future

We are excited by the audaciousness of our mission, the enthusiasm we’re seeing from users, and the scope to make the world more data-informed.

We’re actively hiring amazing people (check out our open roles here). If you’re excited about this mission, wicked smart, a good person, and game to work hard then please apply.

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