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Zing adds support for ClickHouse as a data source

We are thrilled to announce that Zing Data now supports ClickHouse as a data source. This integration allows Zing Data users to easily access and analyze, visualize, and set up alerts for data stored in ClickHouse, a fast and scalable column-oriented database management system.

ClickHouse is an open-source analytical database (with a cloud-based offering as well) that is designed to handle petabyte-scale datasets with high performance and low latency. It has become increasingly popular for big data analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence applications.

To add a ClickHouse data source, simply go to ‘data sources’ then ‘add new data source’ and then ‘ClickHouse’. You can authenticate using either:

  • Username and password or
  • A Server Root Certificate, Client Key, and Client Certificate

Zing supports requiring SSL as an option for ClickHouse.

Zing Data’s intuitive visual interface makes it easy for users to connect to ClickHouse to:

  • Query data using natural language, powered by OpenAI GPT4 from web, iOS, and Android
  • Visually create queries in a few taps
  • Use the full power of SQL with a custom SQL editor
  • Run location-based queries which return results based on your phone’s GPS location
  • Set up real-time email alerts and push notifications when the answer to a question you’ve saved changes

Zing’s ClickHouse integration allow users to benefit from a powerful query engine to filter, aggregate, and manipulate data extremely fast. We’ve had users say that queries which took four minutes on traditional row-based databases run in ten seconds with ClickHouse.

Zing Data also provides a wide range of data connectors, making it easy to connect to other data sources such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more.

Whether it’s analyzing web traffic, monitoring sales trends, or tracking customer behavior, or running product analytics, Zing Data provides a comprehensive set of tools to help users make informed decisions on top of any number of data sources which can live side-by-side in Zing.

For instance, a retailer might have a ClickHouse database with store sales information, but a CSV file with some one-off data from an ad campaign. Both of these sources can live alongside each other in Zing – in fact dashboards can pull from multiple data sources, and saved questions and dashboards are easily searchable regardless of data source.

Zing’s robust collaboration features make it possible to take the analysis you’ve done and assign it to team members for action. Multiple users can collaborate on analysis visualizations, allowing teams to work together and share insights. Zing’s data governance features, including data alerting and access controls let you control who in your organization can take what actions.

Try out Zing Data today with ClickHouse to see integration for yourself – both have generous free tiers to get started, and scale to petabyte scale analytics as you grow.

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