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As a realtor, your business foundation is in the relationships you’ve built with everyone around you. You know that to build strong relationships, you start by getting close to the people around you, but how can you do that better, when buyers want to ‘see the data themselves’ and want quick answers to often data-focused questions around sales and comparables to inform their decision.

Clients demand concrete data, statistical insights, trends, and an easy way to understand all of that.

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Exceed clients expectations, by leveraging the power of data and visualizations to make more compelling sales pitches.Understanding your customers’ wants and presenting them on a customized dashboard with supporting data can go a long way in explaining to customers, helping you sell more properties.

How easy is it to create visualizations?

To create visualizations like these:

Bar Chart

Line Graph

Location-based data

You either have to:

  • Get someone to do it: wait a few days for it to be done, spend a few more days liaising to adjust the data or formatting to be exactly what you want. You may even need to hire somebody if you don’t have a BI or analytics expert on your team… This is slow, inefficient, and not customer-centric.
  • Do it yourself: block out an hour or two every week from your schedule so you can go through all the data, crunch out charts, and put them in your sales pitch deck while you’re stuck at the desk. To get really interactive dashboards, you’ll have to invest a hefty amount on a BI tool like Tableau or PowerBI too. This is time consuming, requires training, and, expensive.

With Zing Data: everything changes. Zing is designed to simplify data analysis for busy professionals like yourself, who are always on the go.

Connect to your data, create informative visualizations, export them as images to be used in your deck or share them with your team members, right on your phone. Here is a walkthrough of how Zing Data will change your data analysis workflow as a realtor.

Connecting the data

MLS Data

The most time-efficient way you can work with data is by connecting to a database, such as the one containing MLS data your firm uses. This is a one-time process, once you’re connected, you can always work with the most updated data provided by your MLS without further configuration.

Zing works with a variety of popular SQL-based databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Snowflake and more.

Not sure which database your firm is using and/or how to connect to it? No problem, we can help you set it up!

Public Data

Alternatively, you can find and download publicly available housing market datasets online, before uploading them on to Zing as .csv or.xls files, or on to Google Sheets. These datasets usually contain aggregated information of geographic areas by zip codes, cities, states, or countries arranged in monthly or yearly intervals. Such data can help you and your clients identify trends in your area’s housing market and discover opportunities.

Examples of sites where you can find free data are:

Here’s how you can upload the datasets you’ve downloaded on to Zing!

With an Excel/CSV file: Excel/CSV Upload

With Google Sheets:

Google Sheets Upload

Visualizing the data:

Drag and drop

With Zing’s newest SwiftQuery feature, you can simply drag and drop fields into a chart template, and see the visualizations come to live! You can also define filters for the data returned, and introduce dimensions to the output.

In this example, I am using data about the housing markets in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley from RedFin, and want to educate my clients on trends in the North Bay before they move here:

SwiftQuery Editor

Click to query

You can also click to select your own aggregations on data fields to use:

Click to query

Natural language querying

An even simpler way of creating visualizations is by asking what you want, in prose! Zing translates your words into SQL code, using LLMs from OpenAI, Google and more, you just need to ask away in our search bar:

Asking questions

Custom SQL

If you want to write your own SQL commands and conduct more advanced data manipulation before visualization, you can do so with Zing’s Custom SQL Editor, equipped with code typeahead and color coding.

Using the visualizations

What can you do with the visualizations you’ve just created?

Interactive visualizations for your clients

Working with data need not be boring! Share the interactive visuals created with your clients and let them get what they want, by sorting, and filtering through output data.

Here is an example of how you can present information about recent listings or transactions on a map:

Interactive map

Clients can make edits to the types of data they want to focus on: Interactive table

Customized content for each client

Create dashboards containing specific visualizations for each client, and easily share via a link. Make your customers feel valued with personalized notes and figures pertaining to their concerns and demands.

Custom Dashboards

Images for your emails, text messages, and print-outs

Easily export charts and graphs as images to be pasted into your slide deck or document! Boost credibility for your pitch in just a few minutes, wherever you are.

Creating sales pitches

Collaborate with fellow realtors

Zing is designed to be collaborative, so if you’d like, you can share the work you’ve done with fellow agents at your firm and pool together resources so that everyone can improve their game.

Collaborate with your team

Be a more tech-enabled, data-driven, client-serving realtor today

In today’s competitive real estate market, where buyers and sellers are presented with countless options, it especially crucial for agents to adopt innovative approaches that captivate potential clients.

We have shown you how you can harness the potential of data and visualizations to redefine your sales strategies, build trust, and effectively communicate the value of properties to your leads. Take the next step with Zing, and use data as your competitive advantage.

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