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New Feature: Interactive Dashboard Filters

New Feature: Interactive Dashboard Filters

Create interactive filters on dashboards so people can apply filters to one or multiple questions in a dashboard to quickly. This works for all questions in Zing created with natural language, or with the visual query builder.

Dashboards can now:

  • Span multiple data sources
  • Have control widgets on them that apply to one, multiple, or all questions on that dashboard
  • Include control widgets:
    • Controls can be simple selections from a list, can be numerical comparisons, open text inputs, or specific dates
    • Allow/disallow:
      • Search of values within a filter
      • Default values for a filter
      • Showing Null values in a filter
      • Multi-select of values

Of course, you can modify filter values on web, iOS, and Android.

Controls and filters on dashboards ensure effective governance of the user experience, providing a structured yet flexible environment where collaboration and data security are seamlessly integrated. Of course you can allow users to go beyond the filters on a dashboard to instead ask questions from scratch with natural language querying, visual querying, or the built in SQL editor if they have appropriate editor / admin permissions. Viewers can be limited to applying filters that already exist.

Step 1: Ask questions using your data source

  1. Click on the search box to start entering your question
  2. Complete entering your question and let the AI do the work
  3. See the answer provided by AI in a new beautiful data visualization

Step 2: Create a new dashboard, add your questions and controls

  1. From the home screen, click on the Dashboard + to create a new dashboard
  2. Drag and drop answers and the UI control into the dashboard canvas
  3. Configure the control and save

Controls are basically filters, customized for dashboard purposes. With Zing’s dashboard controls you can navigate your data with

  • List
  • Text
  • Number
  • Date Range
  • Date

Step 3: Explore your data in a dashboard and find new insights quickly

An interactive dashboard becomes more than just a tool for data visualization; it transforms into a central platform for data-driven culture, fostering collaboration, learning, and strategic decision-making across your organization.

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