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Location Based Querying: Data where you are

Zing is the first platform that lets you query based on where you are from your phone in just a few taps, for any major data source.

Location-based querying is now available on iOS and Android, and lets you run queries on any geocoded (latitude / longitude) data in a few taps:

Simply ensure there is a numeric field with ’lat’ and a numeric field with ’lon’ in its name. Then long tap one of the latitude / longitude fields and ‘set as latitude’ or ‘set as longitude’. That’s all.

If you’d like to limit results relative to your current location, turn on ‘Filter by Location’ and give Zing location permission while using the app and specify a radius.

Zing supports location queries on BigQuery, Sheets, Snowflake, Presto, Trino, MS SQL, Redshift, Postgres, mySQL, and Trino data sources.

Visualize data on a map, and filter query results based on:

  • A location’s distance to where you currently are (using your phone’s GPS)
  • A location’s distance to any point you specify
  • Field values

Conveniently, you can sum, count, and otherwise aggregate values (including custom calculations) and still have all this shown on the map.

Simply tap on a data point to see the aggregations and metadata associated with that point, and cycle through all values using the arrows:

If you’d like to view results as a table, or export as a PNG or CSV, you can do that as well.

Location based queries can be shared with colleagues (save the question and tap ‘Share’).

Location-based queries are special because each time they are run, they will show locations relative to the location of the person running the query.

This is useful to:

  • Operations teams who want to know what fast-selling products are out of stock near them to ensure they re-stock
  • Maintenance crews who want to prioritize the nearby jobs based on importance and location
  • Retailers looking for location patterns as they visit stores
  • Delivery and logistics managers who want to stay on top of which deliveries nearby have not yet occurred but are overdue

Full documentation is here.

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