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Introducing External Dashboard Sharing

You asked, we listened

A number of Zing users wanted to share their Zing dashboards and comment threads with people outside their domain, so today we’re excited to release external dashboard sharing as a new feature of the platform!

A common pain point with other business intelligence tools is expensive licensing to share with people outside your organization. Tableau, PowerBI, Domo, and SiSense all require users who want to create new dashboards or view datasets to have expensive licenses. This ultimately makes it hard to cost-effectively share data with partners.

For instance, a public health agency or city may want to share data about city service usage but isn’t in a position to pay for licenses for everybody who might be interested in querying that data. Or a company that runs surveys may want to expose that survey data to clients without having to navigate costly and expensive licenses and cross-domain authentication.

Much of the time, you only want dashboards or data sets to be visible to people within your organization. For this reason, by default, Zing will allow you (and the people you have invited to your organization) to only invite users who are part of the same domain.

The domain is the portion after the @ symbol of an email address. So for instance, if the email address you used to register Zing is Mary@example.com then you would be able to share Zing dashboards and Zing data sources only with people who have an email address ending in example.com.

  • Go to the organizations sub-option

  • Turn on the switch for the setting: “Allow invites to email addresses outside domain? (org domain is: email@domain.com)”, and then click Save Changes

  • You can now share dashboards with people outside you domain:
    • Share data sources by clicking on the invitations tab, then ‘invite users’ and providing the email address of those you wish to invite.

    • Share a specific dashboard from the Zing mobile app or web app by:

      • Going to the question / graph / data table you wish to share
      • Clicking Share in the upper right

      • Typing the email(s) of those you wish to invite

      • Clicking the blue arrow in the top right

      • Confirm you wish to share the dashboard with invited users

      • Those users will get an email inviting them to view the dashboard. Once they accept the invite you can also @mention them

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