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Mobile Join Creation and Editable Joins

Zing already supported joins with natural language, SQL or with a drag-and-drop editor. We’re excited to announce that joins are fully creatable and editable (creation, editing, removing) on the web and mobile.

This extends our previous capabilities (which required joins to be created on the web ahead of time).

This mean you can create joins on the fly (as you’re asking a question) using natural language, drag-and-drop, or with SQL – and they don’t need to be pre-created ahead of time. You can do all of this from web and also from Zing’s native iOS and Android apps. To our knowledge, Zing is the only business intelligence solution that supports join creation and editing on mobile – giving you a whole new level of capability to use data from wherever you are.

Join types in Zing

Here is MagicModel and editable joins at work:Zing allows you to create joins:

We’ve worked hard to make it easy to simply ask a question and have Zing Data’s AI figure out the joins needed to answer a question and create all the necessary joins on the fly

But for more complex cases (like join fields with different names, you can also pre-create or manually specify joins).

Editing Joins

1. To add a join to a question as you’re creating it, simply tap ‘add new join’

If you are using a pre-existing join or an AI-generated join, you’ll see an ’edit join’ button instead of a ‘add new join’ button.

2. You’ll see all the tables and fields in that database which you can choose to join to.

From here, you can also:

  • Add additional relationships (additional joins), which will make the additional tables and fields visible in the field list once you click ‘save’​​
  • Remove joins
  • Edit join relationships

Next steps

Editable joins are supported on all of Zing’s plans, and MagicModel is supported on all paid plans (Standard, Pro, Enterprise). Get started for free at www.zingdata.com

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