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Databricks support is live!

The best way to make your Databricks lakehouse accessible to your team is now live, with out Zing Data’s new Databricks integration!

Zing is the only client for Databricks that lets you create new queries from iOS and Android. This offers unparalleled real-time querying from anywhere, with no need to wait for a new dashboard to be created, or a data extract to be updated.

This makes querying data possible on the go, in the field for product managers, growth leaders, operations professionals, and users who want to use data to make decisions even if they are not at their desk.

Zing offers unparalleled team collaboration functionality and real-time alerting so you can be notified by push or email minute-by-minute on key changes in your data – no waiting for a daily airflow job to run, or needing to set up complex data pipelines. Visually ask questions, define alerts, and tag colleagues for follow-on actions.

To set up Databricks as a source, just:

  • Go to the Zing web console and log in
  • Tap on data source, then ‘add datasource’
  • Connect Databricks details here
  • You can turn on/off tables and views to determine what is available to Zing
  • Query away! You’ll see this newly created source in the Zing iOS, Android, and web apps

A step by step video is here:

Zing is free for up to ten users, and Databricks offers a free 14 day trial so you can be up and running fast and without paying a dime.

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