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Connect Zing Data to any CSV file in minutes with Bit.io

Connect a CSV to Zing Data, even if you don’t yet have a database

Setting up a database, loading data into it, and connecting it to a visualization tool can take time. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Bit.io – an startup that make it easy set up a database just by uploading a CSV.

In less than five minutes, you can drop in a CSV dataset or excel file to to Bit.io and automatically have a PostgreSQL database set up. Just take those database credentials, drop them into Zing Data and in minutes you have an app for your data. From here you can visualize and query data, collaborate with colleagues, and create dashboards that work beautifully on any iOS or Android device.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload your dataset to Bit.io – either a Comma Separated Values file, or a web URL. Bit.io will automatically create a PostgreSQL database for you.

  2. Create a Zing Data account.

  3. Connect Zing to your Bit.io database

    • From your Zing dashboard on web, click ‘New Data Source’, select ‘PostgreSQL’ as the database type, and copy the database username, password, hostname

    • From the Zing Data mobile app, tap ‘Sources’ then ‘Add A New Data Source’ and input the credentials above

    • Zing will verify the connection works and save the data source

  4. Download the Zing Data app for iOS and Android. Login using the same credentials as when you created your Zing Data account in step 2.

  5. Query away! You’ll see a list of the tables you uploaded; just tap a table to see all the fields it contains. Tap fields to see the ‘raw’ data, or tap and hold a field to get a count, sum, group by, or apply a filter.

  6. Share your dashboard with others by tapping ‘share’, change the way your data is visualized by tapping chart options, or save a question using three dots in the upper right.

Sign up for Zing for free here.

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