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Announcing really big data exports

With support for multi-gigabyte exports announced today, you can now use Zing to pull down query results with tens of millions of rows.

This extends Zing’s powerful data visualization capabilities to also allow you to use it for data pulls such as:

  • Client lists to load into other tools for email, direct mail, or marketing
  • Large data requests from colleagues for use in third party tools
  • Logs for debugging user activity or flows

More capable than Sigma Computing, PowerBI, and Metabase

These queries can be generated with:

  • Natural language queries, using cutting edge LLM models from OpenAI and Google
  • Drag and drop visual querying
  • SQL

This is an order of magnitude more export capacity than other BI tools:

Zing’s large export capability works with Clickhouse, Postgres, BigQuery, and other data sources. 

Large data is no problem

Zing was architected from the ground up to support large data sets – and we have users with billions of rows running complex queries they need to get fast results from. 

By default, Zing shows you top results by limiting how many data points are shown in a graph or table preview – but gives you the full control to get all data as a CSV (even up to multiple gigabytes) 

Get started with large exports:

  1. Create a question that will display as a data table (using natural language, drag-and-drop, or custom SQL)
  2. Save the question
  3. **Tap the three dots in the upper right, the ‘Export to CSV’**​​
  4. The file will automatically download once the full query runs and the result is complete

Next steps

Large data exports are available on all of Zing’s paid plans (Standard, Pro, Enterprise). Get started for free at www.zingdata.com

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