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More Robust CSV Capabilities: Append, Replace, and Multi-file Upload

I want to add my previous week/month/year’s data to an existing table, but I don’t have a database set up.

I don’t want to have to re-create queries, or manually join them"

- A lot of Zing Data users

Many companies have all the data they need stored in a data warehouse – like Snowflake, BigQuery, or Databricks. But very frequently, a new week’s worth of data will come in as a CSV.

Companies, professors at major research universities, agencies, marketers, and founders have all mentioned to us that the end up having additional data come in as CSVs (despite their best efforts to have everything in a database). 

This can be leads from attending a conference, or operational metrics from a device in a factory, or analytics events exported from a system.

Thats why Zing’s new append / overwrite / create options for CSVs make it possible to add new data to Zing without having to do pre-processing in another tool.An Example

We’ve added the ability to use Zing with an unlimited number of CSV files, join across them, and add/replace/delete them in much more flexible ways:

  • Append: Add new data to an existing table

    • Add new rows to an existing table
    • If the new CSV has columns that aren’t present in the existing table, those new columns will be added
    • This is the  equivalent of UNION ALL in SQL​​
  • Overwrite: Keep the same table name, but replace the data

    • All existing questions and dashboards connected to that table will work how you expect, but use the newly-uploaded data.
    • The previous data in the table is deleted
  • ​​Multi-file upload: Add multiple CSV or Excel files at once

    • Upload up to 10 MB per file (free plan) or 100 MB per file (paid plans)

    • Optionally define join relationships between them to create a full queryable, multi-table data environment without needing to stand up a database

  • ​​CSV and Excel files can co-exist and all live within a single data source

    • Previously, each CSV or Excel file imported was its own ‘data source’
    • Now, you can choose if you want to add a new file to an EXISTING data source, or instead create a NEW data source. Adding a file to an existing data source can make joining tables and appending / updating data easier.

To access this advanced CSV append, overwrite, and multi-file upload capability, go to the Zing Console then tap ‘New Datasource’ then Excel/CSV.

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