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Zing vs. ThoughtSpot

Leading data teams choose Zing to get up and running fast without worrying about time-consuming data modeling being charged by the row.

Zing's ease-of-use, best-in-class mobile app, and OpenAI-powered insights will have you thinking again about ThoughtSpot.

Zing vs. ThoughtSpot

  • Leading data teams trust Zing to make data available to everybody -- no complicated modelling, high up-front costs, or annual contract required
  • Natural language querying, powered by OpenAI that eclipses rigid, out-of-date ThoughSpot NLP which predates modern AI techniques
  • Collaboration (and a licensing model) that lets you bring the whole team along


Native iOS and Android apps that let you ask questions from anywhere
Natural language querying powered by OpenAI's 120 billion parameter language model makes asking questions easy
Real-time alerting on important changes (1 min) via push or email
Support for a wide range of datasets, including Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, mySQL, MS SQL, ClickHouse, Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, Trino, Presto, Starburst
Tap to deep-dive dynamically at any level of aggregation
Unlimited queries and data sources
Full SQL editor with a contextual typeahead
Scales with you -- starting at free


Full functionality only on web. Mobile app supports viewing only - no asking new questions.
Expensive -- you pay for every active row of data
Poor natural language support that requires extensive aliasing and data modeling to get even mediocre results
Lagged alerts (1 hour) No push alerts; email + Slack
No location-based querying
No ClickHouse support

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