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Zing vs. Tableau

Zing is the modern way to go beyond the dashboard. If you're using Tableau its time to start from a blank slate.

Zing Data delivers true self-serve analytics that work anywhere, natural language querying that works, and real-time alerting to let data come to you. Plus, licensing that isn't crazy expensive.

Zing vs. Tableau

  • Modern data teams trust Zing to bring data to everybody, anywhere
  • Collaboration (and a licensing model) that lets you bring the whole team along
  • Natural language querying, powered by OpenAI for faster answers


Native iOS and Android apps that let you ask questions from anywhere
Collaboration with @mentions, AI searchable shared questions, and powerful question-level role access
Natural language querying powered by OpenAI's 120 billion parameter language model makes asking questions easy
Real-time alerting on important changes (1 min) via push or email
Public sharing (if enabled) can be turned on directly from a question in two taps for easy sharing with partners and customers
Tap to deep-dive dynamically at any level of aggregation


Full functionality only on desktop application. Web app is very limited. Free tier makes all data publicly visible.
No seamless partner or external sharing -- requires additional license and or sharing workbooks
Poor natural language support that requires extensive aliasing and data modeling to get even mediocre results
Lagged alerts (1 hour) No push alerts; email + Slack
No location-based querying
Deep dive requires building out custom screens and chaining them together

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