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Zing vs. Mode Analytics

Leading organizations trust Zing to empower employees with actionable insights

Zing delivers true self-serve analytics with natural language querying, real-time alerts, and affordable licensing, accessible on any device.

Zing vs. Mode Analytics

  • Natural language querying, powered by OpenAI for faster answers
  • AI text summaries to understand complex data
  • Location-aware querying
  • Supports databases and Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files


Type in any question in natural language and all the complex joins and calculations will be done automatically by AI for you!
Generate AI summaries from charts/tables to easily comprehend data insights
Location aware querying allows you to get data insights from your current location
Compatible with Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files in addition to most databases
No definitions required
Available on the web, iOS and Android. Get answers anytime, anywhere


Heavily reliant on SQL - requires technical expertise to write complicated queries
No AI summary available
No spatial querying
Only supports databases
Requires definitions to be pre-created
Web only

Users of Mode Analytics have highlighted weaknesses such as unpredictable pricing and poor user experience due to various factors such as having a cluttered dashboard, slow performance (and even timeouts) for complex queries and large data sets, having to recreate a chart when switching between chart types, only being able to export in CSV format, etc.

Mode’s SQL-focused interface also makes it less suited for business users and visual creation - new users have to go through a whole SQL tutorial in order to create a query.

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