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Zing vs. Looker

Startups and major enterprises choose Zing Data over Looker for business intelligence, ad-hoc analysis, dashboards, and reporting...and never look back.

Forget complicated LookML, proprietary modeling, and super-expensive contracts.

Zing vs. Looker

  • Modern data teams trust Zing to bring data to everybody, anywhere
  • Support for on-prem, cloud, and one-off datasets: Snowflake, Trino, Starburst, Databricks, MS SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Postgres, mySQL, Clickhouse, Redshift, CSV, Google Sheets, Excel, etc.
  • Natural language querying, powered by OpenAI for faster answers


Use data directly - no complicated and time-consuming up-front LookML modeling required
Native iOS and Android apps that let you ask questions from anywhere
Natural language querying powered by OpenAI's 120 billion parameter language model makes asking questions easy
Real-time alerting on important changes (1 min) via push or email
Start small, then scale


Requires data models to be created before any data can be used, limiting data available and usefulness
Web focused; view only mobile apps
Dedicated support must be purchased separately
No support for natural language questions
Duplicates logic already in DBT, Airflow, or other data infra
Expensive - requiring hefty platform fees and time-consuming onboarding

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