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Zing vs. Looker Studio (Google Data Studio)

Leading data teams choose Zing over Looker Studio for easy collaboration, mobile usability, real-time alerting, and embeddability.

Zing Data delivers collaborative business intelligence, mobile-first usability, real-time alerting, and support for large datasets that Looker Studio simply can't handle.

Zing vs. Looker Studio

  • Cloud native support for large datasets, without timing out
  • Collaboration to bring the whole team along
  • Natural language querying, powered by OpenAI for faster answers
  • Location-based querying


Native iOS and Android apps that let you ask questions from anywhere
Collaboration with @mentions, shared questions, and powerful question-level role access
Natural language querying with OpenAI GPT to make asking questions easy for anybody
Real-time alerting on important changes (1 min) via push or email
Fast performance on even terabyte scale queries without timeouts

Looker Studio

Web only, with no mobile app. You'll have to wait till you're back at your computer to answer that question :(
Data size limitations and frequent timeouts limit usefulness
No collaboration functionality, @mentions, or question search
No natural language support

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