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Zing vs. AnswerRocket

Trusted by top data teams and organizations, Zing Data makes data insights available to employees everywhere.

Zing Data's self-serve analytics work anywhere, offering intuitive tools like map creation, natural language querying, and real-time alerts.

Zing vs. AnswerRocket

  • Native support for cloud data warehouses
  • Location-based querying
  • No definitions, pre-creating questions or IT setup required
  • Natural language querying, powered by OpenAI for faster answers


Available on iOS and Android too, allowing you to get answers on the fly
Query based on your current location (radius can be specified), a street address or a point of interest
Supports Starburst/Trino, Presto, Clickhouse on top of most data sources
Intuitive visual editor - drag and drop field names onto the axes and filter to customize charts
SQL editor for quick and easy query modifications
Ask questions right away! No time wasted
Joins and calculations are performed automatically without your input
No setup necessary. Start using immediately.
Free to start


Web only
No location-aware query
Doesn’t support Starburst/Trino, Presto, ClickHouse
No visual editor
No SQL editor
Must pre-create questions and metrics definitions up front, leading to a long time to get value
Doesn’t perform joins and calculations on the fly - they must all be pre-specified
IT setup required
Pay to use

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