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Why Zing?

Ask questions from anywhere with Zing

  • Query data in seconds on iOS, Android, and the web
  • Easy collaboration tools let you invite colleagues, use @mentions, and get notifications when people mention you in a question
  • Shared questions empower you to learn from teammates’ questions and clone their questions as an starting point
  • Free to use for small teams
  • Share dashboards outside your organization – with no per user ‘viewer’ fees
  • Support for Snowflake, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, and mySQL data sources
  • Export graphs, CSV files, data tables on the go
  • Use the visual query builder OR run full custom SQL with autocomplete for aggregations, filters, and field names

How is Zing different from Tableau, PowerBI, and Metabase?

Zing Data Tableau Microsoft PowerBI Metabase
iOS and Android apps Yes Yes Yes No
Ask questions from mobile Yes View Only View Only No
Free Yes No No Only if self-host
Collaboration with invites, shared questions, @mentions Yes Limited Limited No
Change graph types, filters, etc. on mobile Yes Limited Limited -
AutoOptimizer for quick results Yes No No No
Support for long running queries Yes - - Frequent Timeouts

Zing differs from other BI tools in four ways:

  1. Built from the ground up for to work across all platforms – not just taking a dashboard and compressing it, but we’re instead re-thinking how to best interact with data on a phone or browser. With both Tableau and Power BI, setting up data sources, asking new questions, modifying filter criteria requires a pricey license ($70/user/mo with Tableau) and a desktop. We think that asking questions should be really simple and fast from anywhere you choose to work, on any device you have.

    Zing automatically optimizes queries to run more quickly, notifying you when a long-running query finishes with a push notification, letting you export graphs to your camera roll with one tap, and taking queries that took minutes to write SQL for on a desktop to a few taps on your phone.

  2. Zing allows you to ask new questions of your data from mobile - not just view existing dashboards – which is what Tableau and PowerBI limit you to. We believe a fundamental limit to the usefulness of dashboards is that they are created by somebody at their computer and because of that aren’t flexible to all the questions that come up when you aren’t at a computer.

  3. Collaborative by design, Zing brings conversations around data to everybody you invite at your company with powerful functionality like @mentions that send mentioned users a push notification, a shared set of questions so you can see what your colleagues are asking, and built-in chat functionality. Metabase isn’t collaborative and is desktop based, so it doesn’t work well for how people work today (from their phones, on the go).

  4. Free to use for teams to up to 10 people, and extremely affordable after that - Zing is less than 1/15th the cost of Tableau. We’ve worked at startups and wanted to make great tools available to everybody to make better decisions using data, not just companies with huge budgets.

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